Video Poker

Video Poker is a simple casino game closely related to 5 card draw poker. Video Poker is played on a slot machine like computer linked to a television screen. These machines are found in entertainment venues such as casinos and pubs where punters will throw in their spare change and hope for the best. With simple game rules that are easy to learn, Video Poker is the ideal casino game to play if you want a relaxed non-complicated gambling experience and if its your lucky day you might just walk away a big winner.

Video Poker - History

Video Poker machines are a combination of a television screen linked to a computer. Video Poker was first introduced in 1975 when prices of electronics such as computers and televisions started to become more reasonable making the machines a viable proposition. The earliest form of Video Poker was rolled out at roughly the same time as personal computers where gaining popularity. The earliest Video Poker casino machines where obviously more basic compared to nowadays Video poker as technology has advanced so has Video Poker. Video poker is a casino game and Casinos will usually have Video Poker machines scattered all over their Casino. Video Poker is especially popular in Las Vegas where The casino will often have rooms filled with hundreds of Video Poker machines to be played by tourists and locals looking to have a relaxed gambling experience.

Video Poker - Game Rules

Video poker is similar to a slot machine. You enter your change into the designated slot and will be given an equivalent amount of games. The stakes can vary depending on the machine limits and the Casino. Video poker is also now available in Online Casinos where you can play from the comfort of your own home. Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a wide range of games and table limits to the player and you can have a quick gamble without having to travel long distances to a casino.

There are many different Video poker variations available to the punter but the main structure of the game rules usually stay the same but with a few added twists. You start Video poker by inserting money and then pressing the draw cards button. You will then be dealt 5 cards and be given the opportunity to swap the cards you don't like with random ones from the deck. You will then be paid out if you have a qualifying hand. The amount paid out depends on the strength of your hand and if you don't have a qualifying hand unfortunately your wager will be lost.

The hand rankings in Video poker use the same rules as standard poker rankings, found in games such as Stud Poker, Texas Holdem Poker and Stud poker.

Hand Ranking and Video Poker Payouts:

There are many variations of Video Poker. The most common form of Video Poker found in Casinos and entertainment venues is called 'Jacks or better'. The casino game rules for Jacks or Better stipulate that you need a pair of jacks or better to achieve a payout. The payout for a pair of jacks is 1to1 so you would breakeven. Another popular form of Video poker is 'Deuces Wild'. In the Video Poker game Deuces wild two's are considered as jokers and therefore can be used as any card you like to complete a hand. There are also other popular Video poker games such as Bally's all American and 10's or better.

Video poker - Strategy

Video poker is a predominately simple game but you will still need to intelligently pick which cards to throw away and which cards to keep. You will need a strategy with solid game rules designed to increase your chances of winning.

When dealt my original 5 cards I would advise to hold all qualifying hands to lock in the pay out. The only time I would break up a qualifying hand is when I have a hand with massive drawing potential. 4 flush cards and a straight draw would offer me just about enough incentive to break up a one or two pair hand. In the event that I haven't got a qualifying hand I would look to keep cards that can make a straight or flush. I would also keep high cards and low pairs looking for the opportunity to make a two pair or a high pair.

Video poker is a casino game with easy to learn game rules. It is a very popular casino game as it offers the potential for big payouts in the event of a big hand. Although it is a simple game you still need to consider your game strategy a little bit. This makes it a fun relaxing game to play from the comfort of your home via online casinos or even live casinos. Video poker can also be found in entertainment venues such as pubs and bars if you fancy a relaxed gamble with the opportunity for a big payout.

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