Twenty One Game Rules

Twenty One This is a simple dice version of the popular card game “Blackjack” The game is played with one die with the aim to score 21, or as near to the number as possible. The dice is thrown as many times as desired by the player, until they are satisfied they are as close as they can be to 21 without surpassing.

Two dice can be used to speed up play. Once a player hits 14 or more, one of the dice is removed from play.

The player who finishes closest to 21 without going over the number, wins. In the case of an equally high total, the drawing players will re-roll in a tie breaker.

When gambling, each player puts one unit into the pot at the start of the game. Any player who busts must add an additional unit to the pot. The winner takes the pot or in the case of an equally high total, they can re-roll or split the pot equally.

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