Ten Thousand Game Rules

Often known as Farkle or by its French name “Dix Mille”, Ten Thousand is a game that requires six dice.

To start the game, each player takes it in turn to roll all six dice and has to set aside at least one scoring die (1’s, 5’s, triples, 3 pairs, or a run of 6).

Score Values

- 1 = 100 Points
- 5 = 50 Points
- 1, 1, 1 = 1,000 Points
- 2, 2, 2 = 200 Points
- 3, 3, 3 = 300 Points
- 4, 4, 4 = 400 Points
- 5, 5, 5 = 500 Points
- 6, 6, 6 = 600 Points
- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 = 3,000 Points
- 3 Pairs = 1,500 Points (Four-of-a-kind and a pair comes under the “3 Pairs” category).

Once a scoring die has been selected by the player, their turn continues, rolling the remaining dice. Players announce their progressive score for their turn after each roll.

A player’s turn ends when they either decide to stop and score their accumulated points or until a scoreless throw occurs. If all six dice are involved as a scoring, the player is able to roll them again and continue their tally. Scoring combinations only count when made with a single throw, for example – if a player rolls and puts aside a 1 and then throws two 1s with the next throw, they may only score 300, not 1,000 points.

The first player to score a total of 10,000 or above is crowned the winning, providing any subsequent players with a turn left – so not exceed the score.

Example Scenario:

If a player rolls the dice and lands 1, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 – they have a few options, firstly, would be to set aside the two 1’s, scoring 200 points and heading into the next turn with 4 dice. Alternatively, they can set aside the two 1’s and the 5, to score 250 – but starting the next turn with only 3 dice. Finally, they could set aside just the 5, to score 50 points and start the next turn with 5 dice.

Say for example, the player decides to score for the two 1’s and takes the 200 points. On their next turn, they will begin with 4 dice, if they were to roll 1, 6, 6, 6 – the player can decide to set aside all four of the remaining dice, scoring 100 points for the 1 and 600 points for the three 6’s. The score for this player is now 900. All six dice are now classed as “scoring” so the player can now use all six dice again. If the player rolls dice that do not offer a point worthy score, their turn ends.


A player who throws a scoreless first roll, three times in a row – loses 1,000 points.

If five dice are counted as scoring and leaves the player with one die, the remaining die can be rolled twice in an attempt to roll a 1 or a 5. If successful, the player is allowed to continue rolling all six dice and is awarded a bonus of 500 points.

Four or more 2’s in a single roll resets the players score.

Six-of-a-kind with a single throw automatically wins the game.

Lower the winning score to 5,000 instead of 10,000 to make the game shorter.

Game Rules

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