Ricochet Game Rules

Ricochet is a casino game similar to craps. It is a dice game that uses 3 dice. There is a wide variety of wagers available for the punter. Some of these wagers are determined by a single roll while others bets can last over several rolls of the dice.

Casino rules Ricochet
In Ricochet the person throwing the dice is known as ‘the shooter’. The shooter rotates around the table with everyone getting a turn.

Although similar to craps the big difference in ricochet is that there is no point or come out roll.

In Ricochet the shooter stays put until they roll one of the following combinations,


As long as you have a 6-1-x combination it doesn’t matter what the 3rd dice rolls and of course triple 1’s or the mark of the beast 6-6-6 will also signify a change of shooter.

Place betting
On the Ricochet table there are markings to signify the bets you can make. The main type of bets are called ‘place bets’. A place bet is betting on a pocket pair + kicker combination to come in before a dealer changing combination is rolled. Every pocket pair + kicker combination is available to bet on (6-6-1,6-6-2,6-6-3 and so on). If you have wagered on 6-6-1 but 6-6-6 comes in first you will lose but if 6-6-1 is rolled first you win. This type of  bet is known as a straight up place bet and payout is 8:1

There are other types of place betting in ricochet known as split and corner bets. Split bet payout is 4:1 and involves betting on two straight up bets in one go. Corner is four straight up bets and pays 2:1. 


Single roll betting
If in a rush you can make bets that are determined by a single roll,


Fields bets
These are also concluded after a single roll


Ricochet is a fairly simple casino game with easy to understand rules. I personally would wager on the bets with lower odds as you will have more chance to win. For example If you wager on trip 3’s coming in(3-3-3) you will be massively compensated with 200-1 odds but nearly all of the time you will lose your money! How you play ricochet is up to you but it is certainly a thrilling casino game with unique rules.

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