Reverse Fibonacci System - Roulette Strategy

The Reverse Fibonacci Roulette system is a Roulette strategy popular amongst experienced gamblers. The Fibonacci sequence is an influential number sequence that is also found in nature, for example the branching of trees and the arrangement of a pinecone! The Fibonacci sequence is also used in the stock market with traders using It to estimate exit and entry points. All very nice but how does the Fibonacci relate to Roulette strategy? You can use the Fibonacci number sequence to decide your Roulette betting strategy and it is a favorite system for many casino gamblers and in fact can be used for many casino games.

The Fibonacci sequence is a number sequence where the number in the sequence adds up to the total of the previous two numbers. For example, 4,4,8,12,20,32 etc. So how can we use this amazing number sequence to improve our Roulette strategy? You simply start with a small bet, lets say $2. If you lose, once more bet another $2. If you lose again you now make the bet $4 which is the sum of your previous two bets. If you win you go back two steps in the sequence. Fibonacci can be used for many casino games not just Roulette.

I would recommend using the Fibonacci Roulette system if you are a more reserved casino game player. The bets will stay lower when compared to the MartinGale casino system which can give a more relaxed casino game experience. It is also important to remember that the Fibonacci Roulette system is a clever system to implement but it does not guarantee success. There is no quick fix secret Roulette strategy that can guarantee you will beat the casino. Roulette systems are still useful as if used correctly they can lower the house edge compared to if you are playing Roulette with no clear strategy, structure or rules. I would always recommend having a clear strategy when playing a casino game as it will increase your chances of leaving the casino a winning player.

Roulette Strategy

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