Red Dog Game Rules

Red dog is a casino game that has been around for a while. Sadly, Red dog is getting harder to find in standard casinos but don’t fear as many online casinos feature Red dog if you fancy a go. Red dog is similar to Acey duecy with a few subtle differences.

Red dog Casino game Rules

The cards are ranked the same way as standard poker but in Red dog suits don’t count for anything and aces cant be low.

Red dog like many other casino games starts with your bet. You then receive two cards face up. If these two cards follow on from each other for example, 4 and 5 then the hand is declared a draw and bets returned. If you are dealt a pair then a third card is drawn. If the third card makes you trips it is very profitable as that pays out 11to1. When your cards are neither of the above then the game moves on to the next stage.

The difference between your two cards now becomes important and in Red dog this is known as the ‘spread’. If dealt 2 and 9 the spread would be 6 as there are 6 cards in-between. At this point the casino game rules dictate you can increase your bet up to double the original amount.

You will now receive one more card which has to be somewhere in-between your two original cards. If it pairs one of your starting cards you will lose your bets. If successful the amount won is determined by the size of the spread.

One card spread - 5to1
Two card - 4to1
Three card - 2to1
Four or higher spread - 1to1

So those are the casino game rules for Red dog. I would advise when playing red dog to only increase your bet on high spreads. The higher the spread the higher chance you have to win so I would only bet more on spreads of 5 or above.

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