Mississippi Stud Poker Game Rules

Mississippi stud is a casino game. It uses the same hand rankings as most poker games. It is not found in every casino so luckily its available at most online casinos if you fancy a go. It really is a very easy game to learn especially if you have played poker before and are used to the hand rankings system.

Mississippi stud casino game rules

To start Mississippi stud you put in a mandatory wager known as the ante. You will then be dealt 2 cards. Next, 3 community cards will be placed face up in the middle of the table. These cards are called the community cards and are used by all participating players to configure their hand.

Now you have decisions to make on the perceived strength of your hand. Sometimes in Mississippi stud it is better to forfeit the ante and fold if your hand isn’t very strong. You can always wait for a better hand. If you fancy your hands chances you can raise the stakes and bet up to 3 times the ante.

Another 2 community cards are dealt and after each one you get a  chance to fold or bet once more. Then the 3rd and last community card is dealt and hands are exposed and compared, the highest ranking hand is triumphant and takes down the pot. These are the casino game rules for Mississippi stud and as you can see its a simple and fun game.

Mississippi stud payouts

The amount you win in Mississippi stud correlates to the strength of your hand.

- Royal flush will pay 500:1 but doesn't come around very often!
- Straight flush will pay 100:1
- Four of a kind will pay 40:1
- Full houses will pay 10:1
- Flushes will pay 6:1
- Straights will pay 4:1
- Three of a kinds pay 3:1
- Two pairs pay 2:1
- Pair of jacks or higher pays evens
- Pairs from 6’s to 10’s and you will breakeven

Mississippi stud Strategy

A good strategy in Mississippi stud is to raise maximum with any pair at the two card stage. I would also make a minimum bet with high cards or suited connectors.

At the 3 card stage I would suggest raising maximum with established hands or big double draws. I would only raise the minimum amount with low pairs, bare flush draws and small straight draws.

With 4 cards, maximum raise with established hands once again and also hands with big flush and straight draw potential. Only minimum bet with small pairs or hands containing two high cards. It is important to fold hands that do not contain either a pair or potential for a flush or straight.

These are my tips for playing Mississippi stud. It is a simple casino game to play and wont take you long to master.

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