Let it Ride Game Rules

Let it ride is a casino game that is closely related to 5 card stud poker. It is a slow paced game with the opportunity for big payouts.

Let it ride starts with the player making 3 bets of an equal amount. The dealer them deals everyone at the table 3 cards face down. At this point the dealer will randomly burn one of his three cards.

Now is your chance to take back one of your 3 bets if you don't like your hand. If you think your hand is strong enough to continue its time to let it ride and all three starting bets will be in play.

The dealer exposes 1 of his 2 cards. This becomes a community card and all players can now use this card in their hand. At this point its time to analyze your hand. If you still don't like the your chances, once more you can take back one of your 3 starting bets. This is the last opportunity to take back a bet in let it ride.

Dealer turns over his last card and once again you use this card to influence your hand. At this point you have 5 cards to make the strongest possible hand. Hand rankings in let it ride are the same as standard poker with pairs, 3 of a kind, flushes, straights ect.

To have a winning hand in let it ride you need to achieve a pair of 10s minimum. The amount you will win varies on how many bets you let ride and the strength of your hand.

Payouts for let it ride

Bonus bet

Let it ride can offer a bonus bet depending on the casino’s game rules. You decide this at the beginning of the round. The bonus pays out to the relative strength of your hand but the odds differ casino to casino. So make sure to check the bonus odds before starting.

Strategy for Let it ride

In let it ride your decisions and strategy will affect your chances of winning. It is important to take back bets with your poor hands and let your strong hands ride. In the first round I would let ride any 3 cards of higher value, pairs above 10, 3 matching suits or hands with straight potential.  Once the dealer flips his first card I would take back a bet if your hand doesn’t contain a pair higher then 10’s or drawing potential.

Let it ride is one of my favourite casino games to play. The rules are simple and the pace is slow which makes for a nice relaxed gambling experience and of course the potential for high payouts are also their if you hit a big hand.

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