Keno Game Rules

Originally from Asia keno is a game that has been enjoyed for many hundreds of years. Asian immigrants first introduced keno to America 150 years ago and now it has a big following in casinos all over the world. It is a high variance casino game that presents you the opportunity to win big from a small starting bet. The rules of keno are also really simple and even if you have never gambled before you will learn easily.

Keno played at a casino is similar to bingo. There are 80 balls, each numbered 1-80. You are trying to predict which 20 balls will be picked at random and are allowed up to 20 picks each. The higher the number of balls you correctly predict the more money you will win. There is no recorded evidence of a player ever getting all 20 balls right and the odds are virtually impossible but don't let that stop you trying!

The payouts in Keno relates to how many balls you have chosen. For example, if you only choose one number and it gets picked you will receive a 3to1 payout on that bet. If you chose 6 numbers with 3 winners you will receive even money. It is not important to memorise the odds just remember the more of your balls picked the better.

Keno, played in an online casino has the same rules but as the whole process is done using computer software the game operates at a much quicker speed. The rake is also noticeably smaller online which must be why online casino games like keno's popularity is ever increasing.

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