Forty-One Game Rules

Forty-One is a game played with six dice and either stakes or chips.

Each player begins by putting a stakes of chips into a pot, then each player in turn rolls the dice, six times.

After each roll, one die must be put to one side, resulting in the total amount of dice being rolled being reduced by 1. In order for a player to qualify to enter a score, they must set aside a 4 and a 1. Their score is the total of the remaining dice. If a 4 and a 1 are not rolled, the player scores nothing and adds a matching value to the pot.

The player with the highest score at the end of a round wins the total pot. The highest possible score is 24, achieved by rolling four 6s along with a 4 and a 1. If a score of 24 is achieved, all players have to double their stakes in the pot. If two or more players have an equally high score, then another round is played by those who had matching scores.

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