Deuces Wild Game Rules

Deuces wild is a variety of video poker. It is massively popular because it is exciting and also very basic to learn. It is not uncommon to see a Deuces wild machine in entertainment venues such as pubs where many punters fancy a gamble with their small change after a couple of drinks.

Deuces wild is actually a very simple game to learn and if you have played poker before you are already familiar with the hand rankings. You start by placing your bet. You are then dealt 5 cards but get the choice to swap cards you don't like with random ones from the deck.

Standard poker hand rankings are used and if your hand beats the dealers you are the winner and take down the pot. The twist is that deuces are wild and can be anything you want them to be. Getting dealt a deuce is a massive advantage.

After a win you have decisions to make. You can collect your winnings, or if feeling lucky, attempt to double them. When you go for the double the dealer lays out 5 cards with one being face up. The face up card is the dealers. You pick one of the face down cards and if its higher then the dealers card you double your money, easy as that!

As you can see deuces wild is a really fun simple game to play and luckily is available in online casinos if your local pub doesn't have a machine.

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