Casino War Game Rules

Casino war is a simple game to learn. If you are in the mood for an easy gamble without to much strategy then casino war is the game to play.

6 normal decks are used and the hand ranking system is nearly identical to standard poker. Aces cannot be low in casino war and suits are irrelevant. You start by making a bet then receive a single card. If your card is higher then the dealers you win double your money back but unfortunately if your hand is lower then dealers say goodbye to your bet.

The draw scenario in casino war is an important feature of the game and maybe the most thrilling part as well. When a draw occurs you have decisions to make. Give up on your hand and surrender your money or go to war with the dealer/casino hence the name!

When you go to war with the casino you have to double your original bet and the dealer is obliged to call. Player and dealer both receive another card. Once more if your card is higher you will win and receive evens on your last bet, with your first bet returned. If dealer has the higher card he will take both your bets. This attributes to the house edge in casino war. If you feeling like its your lucky day you can bet on both deals drawing. This will payout 10:1 but don't expect it too often.

As you can see casino war is a really straightforward game to play. Even the biggest casino novice will be able to understand the rules or if you just feel like an easy gamble then casino war is a great choice.

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