Casino Backgammon Game Rules

Backgammon is one of the most historic board games ever played. It incredibly has links all the way back to ancient Egypt. Backgammon heavily influences casino Backgammon which is becoming a firm favourite with internet gamblers. This means its worth taking a closer look.

The casino Backgammon table layout is equal to half a normal sized Backgammon table and is split into two equal half's. On the dividing line is what's called a 'bar'. One half of the table is considered yours and the other your opponents.

The aim of casino Backgammon is to get all your pieces off the board before your opponent and be declared victorious. You start with two chips. You then have to make a 'Jump bet' and an 'Out bet'. A jump bet is wagering on getting both pieces over the middle bar in a single roll. The out bet is determined by getting off the board within two rolls or three in the case of a double being thrown.

Two dice are rolled to determine the progress of these pieces. It is important to note that you do not combine the total but each piece moves to the individual total of one of the dice. On the first roll your aim is to progress your pieces over the middle bar on to the other side of the table. This will win the 'jump bet' and you get to roll once more. It is important to remember that in casino Backgammon the movement of the piece that has made the least progress, will be decided by the highest of the two rolls.

Another crucial rule is that when more then one opposing piece is holding a position it is not possible to land there. When only one piece is there, that piece is at danger of being "hit". This happens when your opponent lands on your position. The result being your piece is sent back to the middle bar. This is bad news for any backgammon player as you cant move any other pieces until that piece on the bar has found a safe destination.

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