Caribbean 21 Game Rules

Caribbean 21 is another modification of blackjack. If you are familiar with blackjack and fancy a change Caribbean 21 is a good game to play as you will already know most of the casino game rules.

At first glance Caribbean 21 seems just like normal blackjack but there are a few major differences. In Caribbean 21 aces are only worth one point at all times. This brings more emphasis on the third card and means you will find yourself drawing more often. The aim, just like blackjack is to hit that heavenly 21 score or get as close as you can.

Caribbean 21 rules

Stand - When your happy with your hand and think its already strong enough to take down the pot

Hit - Take another card if not close enough to that beautiful 21 points, be careful not to go bust though.

Split - This rule is one of the main differences in Caribbean 21. You are allowed to split any two cards instead of just pairs. Once split you are effectively playing two hands.

Surrender - Surrender if you don't like your chances and take half your wager back. You can also surrender after splitting which is a great advantage.

Double down - Possible during any point in the hand. You can also double down your double down and even double down following a split.

Payouts are 3to2 for a Caribbean 21, any other win pays out evens on your bets. In the event that the dealer looks like he could achieve a Caribbean 21 insurance is possible. This pays out a 9to1 return on an amount up to half of your wager.

So to sum it up, the main differences between Caribbean 21 and blackjack are that aces are valued at one point and you can split/double down at any point. The result is asking for a third card more often and praying for that 21 score.

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