California Blackjack Game Rules

California blackjack is an exciting form of blackjack as it incorporates jokers into the game which increase the variance and make it more fun to play. There is also a unique player banking system which is different to normal blackjack.

- In California blackjack 6 normal decks are used plus 6 jokers. The joker card is usually wild but can change depending on the casino game rules. Some casinos value joker at 2 or 12 points.

- The highest ranked hand in California blackjack is known as a 'natural'. The following hands are naturals, in no specific order, Ace-Ace, Joker-Joker or Ace-Joker. These beauty's will take down the pot instantly unless dealer has one too.

- A difference in California blackjack is that if you hold Ace-Ten it is only equal value to other 21 point scores.

- Jokers are wild, which means they can be worth whatever is most convenient at the time. This makes Jokers the power card and very valuable.

- If your hand contains two jokers you will get paid a 2to1 ratio on your bets.

- If dealers first card is a joker then his other card will be exposed. If players hand doesn't equal 21 then he shall lose.

- A nice feature of California Blackjack is that you can fold at any time, unless dealer has joker exposed.

- If dealers hidden card is a joker player only loses his starting betů all other chips put in pot will be returned.

-Can split up to 3 hands and can double after splitting

-In the event that player/dealer both go bust, bets are returned only if player has lower total then the dealer.

Banking rules for California blackjack

The banking system is unique to California blackjack. The players take it in turn to be banker with the banker rotating clockwise around the table. The banker can only win/lose an amount equivalent to what he has put in himself. If he wins/loses more then he has put in the house steps in and picks up the tab.

These are the differences in rules between California blackjack and normal blackjack. Everything else is exactly the same so its easy to play if you know blackjack. The banking system is also very unusual and you should familiarise yourself with the casino game rules before playing.

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