Burn 20 Blackjack Game Rules

Burn 20 blackjack is a blackjack variation recently created by well known casino game inventor Geoff Hall. He is also the inventor of another popular blackjack spin off blackjack switch. Burn 20 plays like a normal game of blackjack with a couple of exceptions.

In blackjack, kings, queens, jacks and tens all have a value of 10 points. So here's the twist, if dealers first card is worth 10 points, a burn 20 scenario could be on the cards! their own hand. They will then deal the second card to their hand.

If dealers second card has a value of 2-9 or creates an non-suited blackjack then the game plays like standard blackjack. If dealers two cards total 20, or if he has a same suit blackjack then his cards will get burnt. So dealer has to try again and deals himself two more.

In the case of another twenty point score, once more he has to burn it. Although this time, even a non suited blackjack will also get burnt. Once dealer has a non-20, non-blackjack hand the game moves on as usual. It is important to note that Burn 20 blackjack casino game rules dictate that the dealer is only allowed a total of 20 if 3 cards are used. Only two card hands will be burnt.

Although the rules in Burn 20 blackjack seem to favour the player, the dealer has a trick up his sleeve, a dealer total of 22 will beat any hand bar a natural blackjack. This helps soften the blow for the house as the burn 20 rule really works in players favour. Apart from the stated changes all other aspects of the game play like the traditional blackjack.

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