La Boule Game Rules

Boule is a French word meaning 'Ball' and is a casino game with similar origins and rules to roulette. Well liked by the French but barely known to the rest of the world, Boule is starting to gain recognition thanks to online casinos spreading the game. The fact Boule has been played for hundreds of years must mean it is an exciting game so lets have a closer look.

A Boule wheel contains 36 pockets with numbers ranging 1-9. Each number is repeated four times. Each pocket is also coloured red or black apart from the 5 pocket. The 5 pocket is one you want to avoid as its similar to 0 in roulette. Land here and unfortunately all bets lose (unless you bet on number 5).

The aim of Boule is to wager on the outcome of the spin. Get it right and its possible to win big bucks. Before the ball is spun you decide where to place your money. Choices are colours, single numbers or odd/even numbers. You can also bet on high or low ranges, (numbers 1 to 4 or 6 to 9 ). Of course it can be fun to hedge your bets to higher the chance of beating the casino.

Boule payouts

As you can see Boule is basically a light version of the much loved Roulette. With less numbers maybe the chance of your single numbered bet coming through is higher, although perhaps safer to stick to the even odds bets. Your strategy is up to you but there are plenty of reputable online casinos now making Boule easily accessible if you fancy a spin!

Game Rules

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