Bar Dice/Ship, Captain, Crew - Game Rules

Bar Dice, also commonly known as Ship, Captain, Crew is a game played with 5 six-sided dice and works best with multiple people.

In a game of Ship, Captain, Crew, each player will take turns to roll all 5 dice at a time, with a maximum of 3 shakes to collect points.

When you roll the dice, you are looking for three numbers, Number 6, which awards you with your Ship, Number 5, which awards you with your Captain and Number 4, which awards you with your Crew. You will need to find all of these numbers before you can begin to earn points but you need to collect these numbers in order. In other words, you need to find your Ship before your Captain and your Captain before your Crew.

You are able to find all three elements in one roll, with three of your dices landing on 6, 5 and 4. In this case, the other two dice values will be added awarding you with a score of up to 12. Following this, you will have the remaining two rolls, to land a further 10 values which will be added to your total points.

If you do not land all three elements in your first roll, you proceed to roll all five dice twice more in an attempt to get them all. If for example, you land a 6 (Ship) and a 5 (Captain) in your first roll, you can roll all the dice again to try and get a 4 (Crew).

If after your three rolls, you were unable to find all a Ship, Captain and Crew you will score 0 points. The person with the highest amount of points will win. The highest amount of points that can be scored is 72.

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