90-Ball Bingo Game Rules

Much like the name suggests, there are 90 balls each with a unique number between 1 and 90. Throughout the course of the game, balls will be drawn out and announced to the players. If the announced number is featured on your bingo card, you can cross it out. Once you have marked a certain amount of numbers, you win.

Bingo Card:

The 90-Ball Bingo card consists of a 3 columns and 9 rows, on a 3x9 grid. Each column contains 5 numbers and four empty squares. Only certain numbers can appear on each row, as follows:

  • 1st Row 1 to 9
  • 2nd Row 10 to 19
  • 3rd Row 20 to 29
  • 4th Row 30 to 39
  • 5th Row 40 to 49
  • 6th Row 50 to 59
  • 7th Row 60 to 69
  • 8th Row 70 to 79
  • 9th Row 80 to 90
  • Win Conditions:

    One-Line Bingo
    When you mark off all 5 numbers in a single column.

    Two-Line Bingo
    When you mark off 5 numbers in two columns.

    Full House
    When you mark off all 15 numbers in a bingo card.

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